Want an affordable

image and text generation API

that supports the latest models?
The NicheTensor API supports cutting edge models such as JuggernautX, DreamShaperXL, Llama 3 70B and many more!
Image Generation
Stunning Images for Every Use Case
By supporting 7 different image models with different styles and generation speeds, you can find the optimal model for your use case.
Text Generation
Intelligent Text Generation
Power your apps with extremely affordable text generation, utilizing the latest and best available models of different sizes.
About Us
Making AI Tailored to Each Individual
We are a startup working to make AI universally accessible and tailored to each individual’s needs.

We do this by providing AI services such as image and text generation tailored to the client’s needs.

To ensure the fastest and most affordable end product, we utilize Bittensor - a protocol that allows us to use decentralized networks of computing, that ensure that we always have the optimal and most price efficient compute available.
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